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Mine PMA-1Technical drawing of Mine PMA-1
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Length 140 mm
Height 30 mm
Width 70 mm
Weight 400 g
Explosive weight 200 g
Explosive type TNT
Operating pressure 3 kg
Detectability This is a minimum-metal mine and can be very difficult to detect
Manufacturer Former Yugoslavia
Used in Angola, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Namibia

PMA-1A is a minimum-metal Anti-Personnel (AP) blast mine developed from the PMA-1, but varying only in minor detail. The mine is a box type with a plastic body and hinged lid. The base section houses the removable main charge and the fuze assembly, which rests on a plastic anvil. The main charge is a standard 200 g TNT demolition block, which has a plastic threaded fuze well cast into one end. The UPMAH-1 fuze assembly consists of a small Bakelite casing: one end is sealed and contains a friction-sensitive composition, the other is open and accepts a No 8 detonator. The open end of the fuze casing has an M10 x 1 male thread and rubber O-ring to fit the TNT block; during transit, a cap fits over this thread to seal the fuze. Fixed inside the opening end of the lid is a plunger which contacts the anvil when the lid is lowered. Holes in the opening end of the base and lid align so that a pin can hold the box closed during transit. When the pin is inserted in the base section with the lid raised, it acts as a safety device. PMA-1A is normally matt olive green and has no markings.