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"ONE STEP BEYOND – The Mine Revisited" (OSB) is an artistic project by Lukas Einsele which reports on landmines and their victims by bringing them into a visible and traceable relationship.Whoever accepts One Step Beyond – whether as viewer or active collaborator – also becomes involved in this relationship, and in a border dance between art and politics.

OSB is a multimedia project composed primarily of photographs, audio-visual texts, drawings, and other documentary material. For the project, Lukas Einsele travelled to the world's four most heavily-mined countries:

Mine victim in hospital

In ONE STEP BEYOND, people injured by a mine recall the events leading up to the accident. Some make a rough sketch of the incident's location. Einsele then makes a black and white portrait with a 4 x 5 inch camera, and gives the participant a Polaroid copy. Finally, in a public forum, the victims' stories, drawings and portraits are set against documentation of the landmine possibly responsible for their accident. Other themes relevant to OSB are photographed and presented, such as mine clearance, mine education, and rehabilitation projects.

Exhibitions in 2007:

May 21 September 27, 2007
1e Biennale of Contemporary Art / Thessaloniki
June 20 August 05, 2007
Goethe Institute / Kabul
Returning Voyage Afghanistan
October 27, 2007 February 24, 2008
Malmö Museer / Malmö
Autumn 2007
Returning Voyage Cambodia

Since the project's initiation in the Summer of 2001, individual journey segments have been followed-up by a "transitional report" – that is, the material resulting from each trip was presented to the public in a variety of forms: in lectures ("LOOX" Darmstadt; Exhibition Space de Ligt, Frankfurt; Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe; E_Werk Hallen für Kunst, Freiburg), in radio reports (SFB; Radio X, Frankfurt), in small exhibitions (Exhibition Space de Ligt, Frankfurt; Goethe Institute, Madrid; Liquidaçiontotal, Kunstraum Uli Schötker, Madrid; E_Werk Hallen für Kunst, Freiburg), and in publications (medico Rundschreiben 2/02, Vierteljahresschrift der Hessischen Kulturstiftung, Juni #3 Kunst Zeit Zeitschrift, art kaleidoscope Frankfurt, E_Werk Hallen für Kunst, Freiburg).

Besides the presentations in Rotterdam, Krefeld, Karlsruhe, Berlin, and New York, the OSB material will be shown in the countries where it originated, and was gathered.

Cover: One Step Beyond

In September the book publication to OSB was released (Hatje Cantz Verlag, 29,80, ISBN 3-7757-1604-1).