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Noor Haya

Portrait Noor Haya

My name is Noor Haya. I'm Abdul Gabbar's daughter and come from Kamdesh in Kunar Province. I'm about twenty-five years old. I'm married and have three children – two daughters and a son. My oldest daughter is ten.

My leg was amputated about one-and-a-half years ago. The accident happened while I was watering the field. I stepped on a mine near a stream.

None of us knew where the mines had been laid in this area. Lots of accidents happened there. But no one had ever had an accident where I was working.

There are no trees there. But there are two streams. A path runs between these streams. Beyond the streams there are fields and lots of stony, rough land. The fields are usually watered by women.

I became unconscious the moment the mine exploded. Several people came over to me. They took me to a hospital in Pakistan. I was operated on twice there. The first operation didn't go well. That's why I had to be operated on a second time, and that's when they amputated my leg. Until just recently I could only walk on crutches. Then we came here so that I could get an artificial leg. I couldn't have come earlier because my wound was healing so badly.


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