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Mine PFM-1Technical drawing of Mine PFM-1
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Operation Blast mine
Height 61 mm
Width 20 mm
Weight 75 g
Explosive weight 37 g
Explosive type VV VS-6D
Fuze designation MVDM/VGM-572
Operating pressure 5-25 kg
Detectability Reasonably easy to detect
Manufacturer Russian Federation
Used in Afghanistan, Armenia, Aserbeidschan, Iraq, Somalia, Chechnya

PFM-1 is a small, scatterable Anti-Personnel (AP) mine with a body made from low-density polythene. It comes in two varieties, both identical in external appearance other than a Cyrillic `C' (English `S') cast into the plastic on one side of the flat wing. The PFM-1S version incorporates a self-destruct mechanism. In the centre of the mine is a cylindrical fuze made mostly of aluminium; the remainder of the bulbous section of the mine is filled with a liquid explosive. The fuze is sealed into the plastic casing by a metal compression band, with the end of the fuze protruding a few millimetres. The fuze operates hydraulically using the liquid explosive from the bulb. When the mines are packed together in their dispenser, metal strips run through slots in the end of each mine's fuze to retain an arming plunger. The current dispenser is designated KSF-1s; it holds 64 mines and ejects them explosively using the electrically initiated EKV-30M system. Mine laying system options include the PKM, VSM-1, UMZ, RSZO and ASM. These mines are manufactured in a variety of colours, including green, brown and white; some markings are stencilled in black, while others are impressed into the plastic.