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Mine POMZ-2
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Diameter 60 mm
Height 130 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
Explosive weight 75 g
Explosive type TNT
Operating pull 0.5-6 kg
Detectability Easily detectable
Manufacturer Russian Federation
Used in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Somalia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

POMZ-2 is an Anti-Personnel (AP) fragmentation stake mine which has been extensively copied by other countries. The main portion of the cast-steel body is externally grooved to enhance fragmentation. POMZ-2 has six rows of fragmentation whereas its successor, POMZ-2M, has five. The hollow body houses the cylindrical main charge, which has a central detonator cavity. The top surface of the mine body is raised into a fuze well which accepts a mechanical fuze of the MUV family. The open end of the cylindrical body sits on a short wooden stake, normally held in place by a wedge. The fuze has a tubular steel or plastic body with a spring-loaded striker retained by a pin and may incorporate an arming delay or an upper hole in the striker for a safety pin. A stab-sensitive detonator assembly screws into the threaded end of the fuze. These mines are often used in clusters, arranged in a zig-zag pattern connected by tripwires. POMZ-2 is normally painted olive green, with an unpainted wooden stake.