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Mine TC/3.6Technical drawing of Mine TC/3.6
Type Anti-Tank-Mine
Diameter 270 mm
Height 145 mm
Weight 6.8 kg
Explosive weight 3.6 kg
Explosive type Composition B
Operating pressure 180-310 kg
Detectability This mine is very difficult to detect
Manufacturer Tecnovar Italiana SpA, Italien
Used in Afghanistan

TC/3.6 is a minimum-metal Anti-Tank (AT) blast mine. The mine is composed of a main charge and central booster in the plastic casing of the mine body, with a fuze assembly which screws onto the top. A larger version, TC/6, uses the same system with a heavier charge (see following entry). In both designations, the figures denote the mine's explosive content in kilograms. The fuze has a pressure plate which encloses an air filled cavity; beneath this is a strong plastic bulkhead which protects the fuze mechanism. There is no mechanical link between the pressure plate and the fuze mechanism, but the bulkhead has a very small bleed-hole in it. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded striker retained against an outer collar by a single steel retaining ball. Above this collar and below the bleed-hole, is a flexible diaphragm. The mechanism cavity is vented into two round recesses in the base of the fuze; these are lined with a membrane and fitted with a protective grill. The detonator assembly screws into the base of the fuze, replaced by an inert plastic version during transit. The heavily ribbed mine body, which is fitted with either a plastic carrying handle or rope, is produced in olive green and sand colours, with other options available.