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Mine M-15Technical drawing of Mine M-15
Type Anti-Tank-Mine
Diameter 333 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight 14.3 kg
Explosive weight 10.3 kg
Explosive type Composition B (RDX/TNT)
Operating pressure 160 – 340 kg
Detectability Easily detectable
Manufacturer USA
Used in Angola, Cambodia, Cyprus, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia

M15 is a heavy, pressure-operated Anti-Tank (AT) blast mine based on the M6A2. The sheet-steel case has a large pressure plate with a threaded central well to accept the M4 arming plug; auxiliary fuze wells are provided in the side and base. The arming plug has a central lever and three settings around the outside marked ARMED, DANGER and SAFE. The pressed steel pressure plate is sprung using a concertina spring around the central fuze well. The M603 fuze used with the mine has a small pressure plate, beneath which is a Belleville spring fitted with a striker. The M45 detonator assembly is housed within the fuze body and sits directly above the M120 booster when the fuze is fitted into the mine. During transit, the fuze is fitted with a spring-steel safety clip, which fits around the body beneath the lip of the pressure plate to prevent downward movement. M15 is fitted with a metal carrying handle and is normally painted olive green with yellow or black markings.