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Luena is a city where you sometimes see more handicapped people than people with two legs. Mine injuries most often affect the legs – mines are hidden in the ground. They are passive weapons, which, once they're laid, react the same way to a friend, an enemy, a sheep, a soldier or a civilian.

The radius around Luena accessible to non-military vehicles is about 25 kilometres wide. That doesn't mean that fighting doesn't happen there, or that there's no army presence in that zone. But, sometimes with a confirmation from the OCHA (Organisation for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, you are allowed to travel into the area. Some roads open at specific times, once they have been inspected. Other roads are restricted. There are many signs in the fields with the words "Perigo Minas" and a skull painted on them. They mark mined areas. Some are right at the border to the city, just a few metres from the last houses.