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Mine MN-79
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Diameter 56 mm
Height 40 mm
Weight 100 g
Explosive weight 29 g
Explosive type TNT
Operating pressure 9-16 kg
Detectability Moderately difficult to detect
Manufacturer Vietnam
Used in Cambodia, Vietnam

MN-79 is copied from the United States M14 plastic-bodied Anti-Personnel (AP) blast mine, although it varies in minor details. The top section of the mine has a pressure plate, beneath which is a plunger and a steel Belleville spring with a striker. The bottom section contains the main charge and detonator assembly. The pressure plate is marked with a yellow arrow and rotates between two positions marked on the mine body: `K' is safe, `M' is armed. In the safe position, internal lugs prevent the plunger from moving down; a collar also engages with the top of the firing pin holder to prevent the Belleville spring from inverting. During transit, the pressure plate is also secured by a horseshoe-shaped steel clip with a split ring or cord attached. Beneath the metal striker tip is the stab-sensitive detonator assembly, which screws into the central base fuze well. The Belleville spring, copper detonator capsule and the small steel firing pin are the only metallic components once the safety clip has been removed. The main charge has an inverted plastic cone in the upper surface which focuses the blast upwards during detonation. The mine is normally coloured olive green and has MN-79 embossed on the base, with a lot number stencilled in yellow.