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Type 72

Mine Type 72Technical drawing of Mine Type 72
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Diameter 78 mm
Height 38 mm
Weight 140 g
Explosive weight 51 g
Explosive type TNT
Operating pressure 5-10 kg
Detectability Very difficult to detect
Manufacturer China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO)
Used in Angola, Cambodia, Iraq, Kuwait, Mozambique, Peru, Somalia

Type 72 (AP) is a pressure-operated blast mine, though two electronic anti-handling variants have also been manufactured (see following entry). The upper section of the plastic casing incorporates a soft rubberised pressure plate cover; it screws onto the lower section and is free to rotate slightly to arm the mine. Inside the top section the pressure plate is retained by three lugs on a spring-loaded plastic ring, which is prevented from rotating by a metal safety pin. Beneath this is a resin-reinforced fibre Belleville spring with a small metal firing pin fixed into the centre. The lower section houses the main charge and stab-sensitive igniter, and has a threaded well in the centre of the base to accept the booster. The booster is housed in a plastic casing, and has a central recess for the detonator. Offset in the base is a screw-in plastic stop pin which limits the rotation of the top section once the mine has been assembled. Three groups of three alignment marks are embossed at regular intervals around the edge of the top section, while three single alignment marks are evenly spaced around the lower section. Until armed, the single mark aligns with the centre mark of a group of three. Type 72 (AP) is normally coloured green with black stencilling on the base.