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Mine PMD-6Technical drawing of Mine PMD-6
Type Anti-Personnel-Mine
Length 190 mm
Height 65 mm
Weight 400 g
Explosive weight 200 g
Explosive type TNT
Operating pressure 1-10 kg
Detectability Easily detectable
Manufacturer Former Soviet Union
Used in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iraq, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Somalia


PMD-6 is a simple Anti-Personnel (AP) blast mine which uses a box design dating back to the Second World War. The mine consists of a wooden box with a hinged lid that overlaps the sides. The main charge is a block of cast TNT into which an MUV series fuze, fitted with a stab-sensitive MD-2 detonator, is placed. The fuze uses a spring-loaded striker retained by a `T' shaped winged pin and may incorporate an arming delay mechanism. The fuze and retaining pin protrude through the end of the mine opposite the hinge. PMD-6M has a steel leaf spring in the lid (see illustration opposite); this rests on the fuze body to increase the operating pressure. A later variant, PMD-7, was also manufactured (see Notes). These mines are normally either uncoloured wood or olive green.